Meet Delaney.

We want to share with you, a story of a passionate girl, driven by a conviction of her heart.
Meet Delaney. Delaney is 15 and from Logan, Iowa. 

Last summer, Delaney attended a youth conference and was given a sealed envelope with a card inside. On that card, was a challenge, that should you decide to open the card, you must commit to fulfilling the challenge written on it. 

When Delaney opened her card, she was shocked!
She was to consolidate her closet down to JUST 10 OUTFITS and sell the rest, giving the money to a non profit of her choice.


Delaney committed to this challenge but decided she wasn’t going to settle for just what her clothes could bring in, and called upon her church and community to join her in this venture by bringing donations to her church in preparation for a LARGE rummage sale to be held the following week.

After many, many trips up and down the stairs of the church, Delaney had a room FULL of donations.
Items at the rummage sale were not marked, and people were asked to give a free will donation.

Throughout the day, Delaney watched people be blessed, who needed it most.
One family came, nearly in tears, as they were able to fill their home, and clothe their family after recently losing everything they owned in a fire.

If the story stopped here, it would be considered an incredible testament of how a little bit can go a long way…a little loving of our neighbors, can bring safety and relief. 

The rummage sale was a success.

Delaney also happens to be my cousin. She and her family came to Sioux Falls last weekend to visit, and as we were sitting around the kitchen, she began to share this story without telling me the non profit she had chosen. I was listening intently, just waiting to see how this story ended. 

Delaney walked over to me with a wood box and told me the non-profit she had chosen was The New Colossus.

Before I could even open the box, tears came rolling down my face. I’m crying right now as I type this because I am so incredibly moved by the heart, conviction, & obedience to follow a call this girl possesses. 

I opened the box, read the card, and asked if I should open the money envelope. “Yes! You have to see how much is in there!”

Because Delaney committed to a challenge the Lord gave her, sacrificed, and took it a step further by asking her community to join her, she was able to present The New Colossus with $1,800! 

I called Polly right away and told her to come to my parents house, I had something to show her. 

After a couple of challenging weeks, leaving Polly and I weary yet hopeful that we were on the edge of breakthrough, Delaney shows up and blesses us. The gift she gave us goes beyond the dollar amount. The best gift she gave us was NEW LIFE.

We love you, Delaney! We can’t wait to come share our passion with your school and the rest of your community.

We’ll be watching you, girl. Promise us you will take us with you on at least a couple of your crazy adventures around the world.

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