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Zero IS Possible. But not without you....

Today, January 31st, Human Trafficking Awareness Month comes to an end but TNC knows that our work is far from over.

We sat across from a woman this week who had been exploited by multiple traffickers for the majority of her life and was at a complete loss as to what to do next with her life. 

We told her she mattered. 
We told her that we believed her. 
We told her she didn't deserve what happened to her. 
We told her her past does not define her future and she CAN move forward from this.

But we know it won't be easy. Once in the life victims experience immense trauma and abuse, making it an extremely painful and long rehabilitation process. TNC is here to walk alongside these victims but we also know there is a better way to get invested in this issue.

By investing in The New Colossus you are investing in the programs that could save our teens from this life. You are investing in weekly empowerment and education groups led at our Juvenile Detention Centers for our most at risk kids. You are investing in screening tools we are developing for medical personnel, counselors, first responders, teachers, property managers, and so many more. You are investing in the building of bridges between communities, victims, and those on the front lines so not one more girl or boy gets lured into this violent and abuse filled life.

You are investing in PREVENTION of sex trafficking.

Join us in the launch of our new campaign, ZERO IS POSSIBLE. Because with YOUR help, it is. 

Watch. Like. Share. Comment. Donate. Start the conversations. Get educated.

Prevent Sex Trafficking.

The New Colossus invites you to be a piece of a movement that could change our community and save countless kids, teens, and vulnerable youth from sex trafficking. With investment in the New Colossus you are investing in prevention and a promising future for the youth in our community.
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